Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch Review

I was one minute away from purchasing the original thing, but then I stumbled upon the Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch. How come I have never heard of before? They’ve popped on my screen unexpectedly and saved me from investing a large sum of money into the original watch, lucky me!

How I Found Out About Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch

I was browsing world wide web since I wanted to buy the Rolex Yacht-Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel as a gift to myself for my big thirtieth birthday. I’ve searched high and low on the original site, eBay, Amazon, even on Wish and I couldn’t find it. I am very strict and picky when it comes to my watches so I knew that I wouldn’t settle for less. Anything that was pre-owned was not an option. Scratched, has some minor irregularities, needs to be fixed and is only half the price? No thanks, it all sounds like a scam to me. Eventually, an add popped out and I had to click on it since I was becoming quite desperate. I’ve spent 5 minutes on it and found my watch.

Why Did I Buy It

I have the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona White Dial SS replica which I love, a lot. However, I always felt guilty for only purchasing one Rolex and never adding up to my watch collecting obsession. I have a lot of Swatch, Cartier, Omega, and Montblanc, but I have never found a way to justify another Rolex purchase. Once I’ve discovered this replica, I knew I had to have it, just so that I can extend my Rolex collection.

How Did The Watch Look

Exactly the same! Well, at least in the pictures it did. I’ve compared it to the original watch and found a little too many similarities. After doing my in-depth research about their page, their watches, and their history, I proceeded with my purchase. I waited a couple of days and then they’ve delivered my package.

The Delivery

Once I got it I was a little anxious and scared about opening it up. I was so worried that something was gonna go wrong and that I might return it. I’ve opened up the box and saw the perfect replica of my Rolex! The watch came in a lovely matching box and felt really heavy. I wasn’t too sure about it since eyes can be deceiving, so I began my thorough and in-depth investigation.

Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch
Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch

The Watch Itself

I’ve made several conclusions,  for starters:

  1. a) It felt heavy
  2. b) The color was just right
  3. c) It worked and was ticking
  4. d) It looked luxurious
  5. e) It came with a warranty

I’ve made these observations and came to this conclusion in less than 5 minutes. Later, I’ve proceeded to compare it to the real thing, as well as to my Daytona. For me, the real test was about to start.

Replica VS Original

They were both similar in size (if not even the same), and they had the same color pattern. Gray, white, and red in the middle. I was surprised by the fact that the red color stood out as well as it did. Made it pretty easy to navigate and see even from afar. I have some eyesight issues and I wear contacts, so I always appreciate a good and noticeable color contrast.

The Famous Crown

My favorite little part was the crown itself. It looked exactly like the crown on my Daytona. Considering the fact that this was a replica, I was pretty surprised by the little details and the precision they’ve provided. Sometimes, fake anything can look cheap or like it was purchased on eBay, but not this watch. It truly looked like a real Rolex, and I paid less than $2k for it, how is that even possible? I am not sure if a true Rolex employee would be able to spot the difference.

Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch
Rolex Yacht Master Rolesium Dial Platinum Bezel Replica Watch

Glows In The Dark

I always appreciate a good navigation, so this watch had won me even more by the fact that it could glow in the dark. I remember seeing this feature on their site, but I couldn’t believe it until I’ve seen it, you know?

But it truly did glow in the dark, and it had a nice blue neon vibe to it. Great, since blue is my favorite color!

In Conclusion- My Opinion

I am someone who hates purchasing non-famous or fake brands since I truly believe that quality comes at a price. However, I cannot say that about this watch. It made me open my eyes and showed me that a high quality and a well-made replica does exist, bravo Watches! Great site overall if you don’t want to splurge on the real thing, but if you want to brag for your big thirtieth that you’ve made your Rolex purchase.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Basel 2018 126715 Rose Gold Watch with Black/Brown Ceramic Bezel

Replica Rolex GMT Master II 126715
Replica Rolex GMT Master II 126715

After Basel 2018, a lot of factories published replica watches of new models that were unveiled in Basel. Especially Rolex, there are a few new models that have catched my attention, they are GMT Master II, which not only uses different bi-color bezel, but also features a Jubilee bracelet. I introduced one 2018 GMT Master II here several weeks ago, and it got a lot of inquiries. Now I am going to post another new Replica Rolex GMT Master II 126715 that is in full rose gold, which looks very luxury, while its bezel also adds sporty style. The replica Rolex is made by an unknown factory, but its price is not cheap because the replica uses real ceramic on bezel and the rose gold coating is thick 18K. Let’s enjoy the beauty of this art work.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Basel 2018 Rose Gold
Replica Rolex GMT Master II Basel 2018 Rose Gold

The case is made of 316L stainless steel, and there is a thick layer of 18K rose gold, which will not easily fade after a long wear. Case diameter is 40mm, a very reasonable size for mens wrist, but for some people who love large-size watches, this Rolex is a little small. The bezel is unique, Rolex never used black and brown color combination on GMT bezel before, now on this new model Replica Rolex GMT Master II 126715, the black/brown ceramic bezel looks so unique. The color transition from black to brown is very natural.

Replica Rolex 126715 Black Brown Bezel
Replica Rolex 126715 Black Brown Bezel

Dial is black, absolutely the dial is close to geuine watch, but it could not be compared with V7 replica Rolex GMT Master II watch published by Noob factory, which is the best quality  replica rolex GMT Master II 126715 watch, because it has the correct hand stack and equipped with 3186 movement. Whether from outside look or inside machine, this replica GMT watch looks more real to genuine. While this Rolex GMT Master II 126715 does not have a correct hand stack, but the GMT hand works like real. Words “GMT-Master II” are in rose gold tone, which echoes with rose gold case and bracelet. By the way, inner bezel has correct Rolex Rehaut, hour markers and hands are applied blue lume material.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Crown
Replica Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Crown

Not like 126710 GMT Master II, this watch is equipped with an Oyster bracelet that is in rose gold. Middle links are polished while two sides are brushed, this forms a sharp visual contrast. At last, the replica uses an Asian clone ETA 2836 movement, which is a gold movement that beats 28800 times per hour. The Asian ETA 2836 is widely used in replica Rolex watches and has been tested to be stable enough.

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Case Back
Replica Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Case Back

Now, The FIFA World Cup 2018 will start soon, which team do you think will win the final?

Replica Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Clasp
Replica Rolex GMT Master II Rose Gold Clasp

Black Dials Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica Review

People always wear watches for different reasons. Some wear them to keep track of time, others do it for fun, and there are those who have them on their wrists to showcase class. Having a watch from Rolex will shout out loud that you belong to an elite level, and who would hate that? The only problem with these watches is that they are costly and only affordable by the rich and the wealthy. If you are a lady dying for a masterpiece from Rolex, the Black Dials Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica has you covered.

With a replica watch, you get to save a lot of money which you have otherwise used to purchase the original watch. This watch is luxuriously sturdy, and if you like navigating rough terrains, you’ll entirely fall in love with it.

Black Dials Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica
Black Dials Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica


Rolex watches are trendy, and as a result, a lot of replica watches from this brand are on the market today. You, therefore, need to be very cautious while purchasing a Rolex replica watch as you can easily get duped. You need to buy from a trusted store for you to get a high-quality knockoff. You have to use dutiful scrutiny and common sense when buying a Rolex replica.

That said, these are the features of the Black Dials Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica watch

The Dial

The replica has a black dial with white hour hands and white bar like hour markers except for hour markers 3,6 and nine which come numbered. The contrast makes it easy for you to read the time even on dimly lit rooms with ease.

Rolex Explorer Replica
Rolex Explorer Replica

The Rolex crown logo comes positioned below hour marker 12 which is arrow-shaped to give the replica its authenticity. The Name Rolex is also engraved around the dial to make the knockoff to look exactly like the original watch.

Enclosing the dial is a transparent sapphire crystal that allows the wearer to read the time with ease. It also gives the watch a classic look. Stepping out with the replica on your wrist will make you the diva you have always wanted to become.

The Case

The knockoff has a polished stainless steel case that shines at all times whenever it comes across a ray of light. With a thickness of 13mm, it makes the watch ideal for ladies. A grasp at this replica and you can’t tell whether it is an imitation or not.

Rolex Explorer Replica case
Rolex Explorer Replica case

The case has a polished stainless steel cutwork crown. The crown has the Rolex logo for authenticity reasons. It helps in setting the time for accuracy as well as enclosing the watch keeping it safe from water. Even if the watch claims resistance to water, do not dive into the pool with it if you intend to use it for long.

The case has a stainless steel push-in back which has a green Rolex logo just like the original. The sturdy back also shields your watch against destruction by water.


The Black Dial Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica has a round stainless steel bezel that matches with the rest of the watch giving it an overall outstanding look. Get this watch, and you’ll have to tell your friends where on earth you bought it and in full details. It will make you rock!


With this watch, you’ll always arrive for meetings and interviews on time, reason? It has an automatic movement which ensures accuracy on the replica. What will make you enjoy having the watch in your wardrobe is the fact that you do not have to keep on winding it from time to time as long as you wear it regularly. The knockoff is luxurious.


The replica has a stainless steel link bracelet. It has three rectangular links that join together to form one beautiful bracelet that is breathtaking as it rests on the wearer’s wrist. With this replica watch, you do not need to add any other accessory like bangles on your wrist. You will still look great even without them.

The Black Dial Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica Watch Customer Satisfaction

With this watch, you will never worry about the accessory to wear to a lady’s night or a cocktail party. The replica is an excellent match to almost every outfit, and it will give you an easy time when it comes to choosing what to wear.

With this replica, you will always plan your daily activities promptly. Its robust nature will help you carry out any activity while still wearing it and get no disappointments. People will start considering you as a boos lady as soon as you start stepping out in this knockoff.

Bottom Line

Get the Black Dial Ladies Rolex Explorer Replica, and you won’t have to drain your bank account. You will get all the satisfaction you have always longed for whether you are rich or not after purchasing the knockoff. Save money and get your dream watch!

If you also want to get more information on the price and purchase of Ms. Rolex replicas, please visit their website: