Eros: Olympus Has Fallen In Love

Didn’t Lucifer and the Rebel Angels fall from Heaven, the so-called Paradise where God lives and those Angels who did not betray? It doesn’t seem like falling is such a good thing.

You don’t want to fall off a ladder, a tall building, or a plane without a parachute, right? However, we are told to consider onlyfans free trialĀ 
Sleep and Love as states we fall into.

Olympus has fallen in love with Eros

In the mythology of the Greeks, Eros is the God of love. maybe even the Son of Aphrodite: The Goddess of Love, pleasure, beauty and sex. Eros gives his name to the word erotic. A word that is often taboo in cultures distracted by violence and Death. A sleeping world drugged with the Blue Pill Hypnotic Dream.

The sleeping giant

When David threw a stone at Goliath’s head, the giant fell asleep. What some call the “BIG Sleep”. And in fact, the father of the Dream is Death. Hypnos’s father is Thanatos.

And we are like giants. Sometimes. As we roll across the Earth to destroy the jungles and forests to install the urban and suburban extensions. What will be the stone between our eyes? Shouldn’t a stone from heaven be the death of us all?

And as Rebel Angels we will fall. Deep, deep in the Great Dream. However, how is this like love? Why should Death and Love be associated in such a subtle dance? Those who choose to marry say in marriage “until death do us part.”

Do you find love when you sleep? I do not think so.

Do you find love when you dream? I assure you that this is possible, because I have been in love with many Angels in my Dreams. However, dreams are the beginning of Awakening, while Dreams are the calming claws of the unconscious realm approaching Death.

Will we find love when we die?

Do we die when we love?

What connection is there in Love and Dream and Death?

We “fall” asleep because we must for our good health. Some may argue against this, but I insist that our good health also depends on our “falling in love.” And the giant Goliath fell, a mighty fall to his death.

If we fall into the Dream, the claws of Hypnos and in Love, the embrace of Eros; So we too fall from Paradise? It is said that the wages of sin is death. We pay this salary to Thanatos. We then spent our time with Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

Are love and sleep sins? Is it a sin to rest and another to worship? Good health is Life. But without sleep or love then we can get sick. Without sleep or without love we can die. However, we are also falling. Falling asleep; Fell in love; falling from the sky.