Goal Umpiring In Australian Football – The Plus, Minus and Interesting

Are you aware that it is possible for an experienced AFL Goal Umpire to earn over $20K in one season officiating in Australian Football League competition? That’s incredible, is it not? Even more incredible was that two Queensland goal umpires travelled overseas to London and California during the late 1990s to officiate in demonstration games and were paid a $5000 bonus on top of an all-expenses paid trip!

Were you aware that Queensland produced the first female goal umpire to umpire in an AFL senior match? It was Katrina Pressley, (We all call her “Kat”). It was a great achievement for a young woman to break into one of the last bastion of the male -Australian Football umpiring.

I began goal umpiring some years ago to keep involved in the game. I thought it would be a real cushy job. I soon found out how wrong I was when I turned up to training on the first night. Goal umpires actually had to do endurance running, sprinting and extensive stretching. Can you believe that? Then, to top that off, each month the goal umpires coach timed us running 3 kilometres and the coach expected our running time to get better every time. At the end of training, we then had a 30 minute lecture on the rules, on positioning and on cooperation between umpires.

I wondered why all this training was required. But I soon found out you must be fit to stand for long periods at a time. You often had to move quickly to get under the flight of the ball. You must also be very observant.

Part of our training was to learn to use the appropriate signals to ufabet เว็บแม่ convey messages to the other umpires on the field, the field umpires and the boundary umpires as well as the other goal umpire at the other end of the field. This was to ensure no mistakes were made by you or the other umpires.

Let me tell you about some of my experiences as a goal umpire. Let me begin with my hat problem. Goal umpires were required to wear a hat. On one very windy day, my hat was very unstable on my head. It did come off at an inappropriate time just as a player was about to kick for goal, just in front of me and among a group of players. I had to keep my eyes on the ball but I, also, managed to grab my hat as it fell when the ball was passing through the goals. I followed the flight of the ball the whole time and looked to the field umpire for the “all clear”. The goal umpires’ coach was at the ground. After the game, he accused me of not seen the ball at all but relying on the field umpire to get his “all clear” to tell me it was a goal. He didn’t believe that I had seen the ball go through the goal. I was demoted the next week to a lower grade game.