The Servicing of my Replica Rolex GMT Master II By The Watch Buyers Group

As good as our Rolex replica watches are, eventually they will require routine maintenance and servicing.  Not only will the interior mechanical components which comprise the movement require period cleaning, oiling, and adjustment, but the exterior metal surfaces will pick up scratches and “dings” which detract from the appearance of the watch.

When it comes to Rolex watch servicing, I’m often asked two basic questions – how often to do it, and who should perform the service?  In terms of how often, it depends on several factors, but my general guideline is this:  If the watch isn’t performing erratically from a time keeping perspective, then there’s no need to service a Rolex watch movement sooner than 5 years, and you shouldn’t go longer than 10 years between service intervals.  For myself, I’ve found that with most of my watches, after about 5 years or so, I’m ready to have the case and bracelet buffed out to remove the scratches they’ve picked up.  Keep in mind I own several watches, and normally the most any watch I wear gets worn is once a week.  Now, in terms of where to have the service work done, I rarely recommend sending a watch directly to Rolex for several reasons – Rolex tends to cost more than other options, take longer than other options, and in the case of Rolex USA, they don’t return your original parts.  That last point can be key to many Rolex owners who might one day want to sell their watch.  The value of a Rolex (particularly one that is rare and collectible) tends to be higher if all the original parts are included in the sale.  Unfortunately, Rolex USA has a strict policy of confiscating any part they replace.

After having owned my M Serial copy rolex gmt master ii stainless steel black dial watch 16710-3186 for 6 years, I was ready to have the watch serviced.  Despite the fact that my watch is (arguably) one of the rarest modern Rolex watches made, I don’t baby the watch.  It gets worn regularly regardless of whatever activity in which I might be engaged.  Here are some “before” photos of the watch I took before I sent it off for “spa treatment:”

replica rolex gmt master ii 16710-3186
replica rolex gmt master ii 16710-3186

Even though I’ve had it for 6 years, it’s still running great at +1 per day.

I did call Rolex USA and got a quote of $500.00 to service my watch, with a six week turn around time.  However, I ended up selecting  The Watch Buyers Group in Los Angeles, CA to service my watch.  After researching them, here are the factors which lead to my decision, in no particular order:

1.  Turn around time.  Rolex quoted me six weeks.  The Watch Buyers Group (TWBG) said it would take less than two weeks, and they were true to their quote.

2.  They use Rolex replacement parts.  TWBG has a Rolex Parts Account which means they can order Rolex watch components directly from Rolex.  If you’re going to have someone other than Rolex service your watch, make certain they have a Rolex Parts Account and guarantee they only use authentic Rolex parts on your watch.  Not every watch service company has a Rolex Parts Account, and I’ve heard horror stories about some companies using non-Rolex made replacement parts on cheap rolex replica watches.

3.  They don’t keep the parts they replace.  I knew I wanted to get  a new aluminum bezel insert on my watch, but I wasn’t keen on loosing the original one.  TWBG sent the bezel insert they replaced along with my watch when they sent it back.  Huge, huge benefit!

4.  Price.  There are several different factors which contribute to the bottom line total of the watch service bill.  Here’s the final invoice I was presented with:


As you can see, their price for doing basic service of the watch was just over $100.00 less expensive than the $500.00 quoted to me by Rolex USA.  Another not insignificant factor to consider is that TWBG pays for shipping (insured)both ways when you send them a imitation rolex gmt-master ii asia automatic movement red/blue cz diamond bezel with black dial.  Rolex normally doesn’t pay for you to ship them the watch, which will run at least $50.00 or so via US Mail, including insurance.

Also included with the service from TWBG at no additional cost is a very nice appraisal of the value of your watch which you can use for insurance purposes.  Most authorized dealers who can do an insurance appraisal will charge you at least $50.00 to do so.

Fake GMT Master II
Fake GMT Master II


Note that the appraisal confirms that this watch has a 3186 movement – which makes it extremely rare.

Of course, all these advantages for using The Watch Buyers Group really don’t mean much if they can’t do service work that’s comparable to Rolex.  When my watch was sent back to me, I was shocked when I open the shipping box and examined the watch.  Despite the considerable scratches that were on both the bracelet and case, my watch now literally looked as good as the first day I bought it:

I also double checked the accuracy of the movement on my watch timer.  Keep in mind the movement had been completely disassembled, cleaned, lubricated, and reassembled, then re-adjusted for accuracy.  TWBG had adjusted the accuracy of my watch as well as when it was sent to them:

I could not have been happier with my service experience with The Watch Buyers Group and highly recommend you consider them for your own fake rolex watch service needs.  My 16710-3186 GMT Master II is back to looking and running like a brand new watch.

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