When Buying A Fake Rolex, ‘You Can’t Make A Mistake’

Rolex. The brand name alone is iconic, and seeing one of the company’s watches on someone’s wrist is a sure sign that the wearer has a story to tell. A celebration of a successful business deal. A remembrance of a family member. A token of appreciation for making mom and dad proud.

Christmas is a popular time to gift a Rolex to that someone special, and Cristiani’s Jewelers, the lone Rolex seller in the Midland-Odessa area, advises people to not fret over getting the right one.

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“You can’t make a mistake,” salesperson Gail Spence said.

Cristiani’s, 203 W. Wall St., has been selling replica Rolexes for the past 47 years, and owner David Cristiani said the pricey watches, which start at about $6,000, are popular Christmas gifts. How popular remains a secret. “That’s proprietary,” he said, “but we sell a lot.”

What isn’t secret are tips for buying a fake rolex.

Make sure it’s genuine

Cristiani said you can only buy a genuine, warrantied Rolex from a brick-and-mortar store. “There is no such thing as a new watch on the internet from Rolex,” he said.

Rolex GMT-Master II is the choice for globetrotters

Rolex GMT-Master II is the choice for globetrotters

All new watches come in a green Rolex box with appropriate paperwork and a plastic warranty card with serial number, which the dealer has to register with Rolex. While you might find real Rolexes on the “gray market,” they don’t come with a Rolex warranty. Also, it might be counterfeit.

“I’ve had three or four watches come in for service that were counterfeit watches. I couldn’t even tell the difference,” Cristiani said

Rolex largely makes automatic rolex datejust automatic diamond watches, which wind during wrist movements. Cristiani services older models but sends newer watches straight to the Rolex service center in Dallas for repairs and routine maintenance.

“They made major changes, and Rolex is encouraging their own service on the watch. … They’ll replace some things we normally don’t, but it’s going to be a considerably higher price, too,” Cristiani said.

Picking the right one

Rolex offers many models. There’s the famous Submariner, donned by Sean Connery in the “James Bond” films. There’s the classic Datejust, which is simple, elegant and looks just as nice on the wrist while attending a black-tie dinner as it does with camouflage during a turkey hunt.

There are also a variety of metal choices: stainless steel, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum and combinations of all of these.

Dial colors, bracelet types – the list goes on. There is a lot to consider, but Cristiani said to not worry.

“When you’re buying a high-end copy rolex watch or piece of jewelry, you’re committing to it,” he said. “However, we’ll exchange watches and jewelry, so you can’t get a wrong dial or wrong watch.”

Cristiani’s won’t size the watch or run the warranty registration before Christmas. After the holiday, customers come to the store for sizing or to exchange it for a model with features they prefer. Only then will the store register the watch with Rolex.

You should also do a bit of homework beforehand. If the person you’re buying for doesn’t already have yellow gold watches or jewelry, stainless steel is probably a good bet. Take a look at their other watches. Are they sporty or formal? How big are the case sizes? What colors are the dials? What type of straps or bracelets are on the watches?

Rolex Submariner was the timepiece of choice for James Bond

Rolex Submariner was the timepiece of choice for James Bond

If the recipient tends to swim with a watch on, lean toward a model that is water-resistant, which many Rolexes are.

Cristiani said he and his employees will do their best to help you pick the right Rolex by asking these questions and others. Ultimately, though, “We show them the alternatives and let them take their own direction,” he said.

Get ready for the moment

Receiving a Rolex is quite often an unforgettable moment. Spence knows this firsthand. “It’s incredible,” she said about receiving a Rolex as a surprise gift several years ago. Even though she sells plenty of the luxury rolex daytona working chronograph watches, she never considered getting one for herself.

When describing the moment, “It kind of takes your breath away,” she said. “You feel honored.”

Rolexes often become heirloom items, Cristiani said. While not given as a Christmas gift, Cristiani and Spence said they’ve seen how special a Rolex can be. They recalled a customer of theirs whose son was dying of cancer. The father bought his son a Submariner. After his son died, the father brought the watch back in to be resized for his own wrist and still wears it to this day.

Whether it’s sentimental moments, the shock of being gifted in-store or seeing customers come in after Christmas, “It’s a thrill for us,” Spence said. “When you have a customer who saved for it, it’s just as exciting for us to sell the watch and see the joy on their face when they get it.”

As for the one receiving the Rolex like rolex cosmograph daytona 18k white gold chronograph watch, “The surprise for the recipient is a fun treat.”

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